Frequently Asked Questions About Catnip


What is catnip?

Catnip is a plant that is part of the mint family and is a delicious treat for your cat. Officially known as Nepeta cataria, catnip features small, lavender-coloured flowers with jagged, heart-shaped leaves. Native to Europe and Asia, it is also found growing in North America.

What does catnip do to my cat?

When your kitty smells or eats catnip, they will have an almost intoxicated demeanour. Although every cat will react differently, catnip can cause a wide range of reactions in felines from sleepy and dopey, to playful and energetic. Catnip is a hallucinogen and will cause behaviour often uncharacteristic of your kitty. 

Can catnip hurt my cat?

There are no long-lasting or permanent effects caused from ingesting or smelling catnip. In fact, it can be a natural way to get your cat to be more active and help them lose weight. The typical duration of the effects of catnip is 5-15 minutes.

How much should I give my cat?

We recommend a Quarter-sized portion of Kitty Kush for your cat. Catnip is a treat, and should be used in addition to your cat’s current diet. It can also be used to help train your cat to use a new bed or scratching post.

Is catnip good for me or my dog?

Catnip is safe for humans and dogs, and will not have the same effect on them as it does cats. There are some that believe that when brewed in a tea, catnip helps to calm those who drink it. (We’ll leave that one up to you)

How long will Kitty Kush stay fresh?

Kitty Kush will stay fresh from start to finish! We have designed a UV protected package, that blocks out harmful sunlight that can deteriorate the potency over time. We also added a moisture absorbing desiccant to regulate inside the bottle. Leave it on the counter so  Treat Time is always close for your puss puss.

Where can I buy Kitty Kush?

Kitty Kush is available direct online through our website, and select retail shops, specialty stores and veterinary clinics in Vancouver.